Mangerine Guava Salt by Ice Monster 30ml

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Mangerine Guava Salt by Ice Monster 30ml

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Mangerine Guava Salt by Ice Monster 30ml

Ice Monster Mangerine Guava Salt Vape Juice Review

Mangerine Guava Salt by Ice Monster Salt 30ml is an exotic fruity fusion that will leave you with a truly exhilarating flavor after each puff. This refreshing guava and tangerine vape juice flavor will make you feel like you are on a cruise in the Caribbean. Menthol fanatics might want to take a seat with the news we are about to share. This boozy flavor has a menthol vape juice base that will leave you with that arousing chilling ending you've been seeking. 

Ice Monster is a superb collection from the widely known brand Jam Monster. Well know they have released their most acclaimed flavors into a Salt Nic vape juice for all those with pod devices. It is important to note that these e-juices cannot and should not be used with sub-ohm devices. Ice Monster Salt is packaged in a 30ml bottle for an easy amount that is sure to last you a while. This Salt Nic is available in a high concentrated 24mg to kick those nicotine cravings all day long, and with this boozy flavor you won't be able to get enough! 

On the inhale that juicy tangerine flavor will surround your taste buds stimulating your taste buds. A vivid guava vape juice flavor is next to follow taking control of your taste buds. This guava taste provides a distinguished flavor like no other brand has provided before. This flavor is sure to please as it provides a refreshing taste with each puff. On the exhale will go psycho over that icy menthol e-juice base.

Mangerine Guava Salt is a notorious flavor that has taken the industry by storm. With Salt Nics on the rise in this platform you won't wanna miss out! Save on Magerine Guava Salt today!

Flavor Profile: Guava, Tangerines

Bottle Size: 30ml