Blackberry (Limited Edition) by Jam Monster Ejuice 100ml

Jam Monster

Blackberry (Limited Edition) by Jam Monster 100ml

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Jam Monster Blackberry Ejuice 100ml

Jam Monster Blackberry Vape Juice Review

Jam Monster vape juice Blackberry 100ml a is limited edition e-juice by Jam Monster. This breakfast-flavored blend is unbeatable, your brain will be tricked into thinking you are really eating a fresh piece of toast with sweet blackberry jam and a hint of butter. The scrumptious aroma of this vape juice will have your stomach growling in hunger, and the mouthwatering flavor will satisfy your stomach like no other. 

On the inhale of Blackberry Jam Monster your mouth will be flooded with that delectable blackberry flavor with hints of cream. It tastes like it is on a piece of crispy toast. On the exhale a light butter note seals the deal. Anyone who truly loves their breakfast-flavored e-juice will go insane over this delicious blend.

Jam Monster is a brand that prides itself on bringing its loyal customers the delightful breakfast flavors that they grew up loving, into a vape juice that they can vape on all day long. These succulent vape juices are here to steal your taste buds' hearts with how authentic they taste. Once you try Jam Monster, you won't even look twice at other vape juices because you'll know exactly what delectable flavor you want to taste. 

Blackberry 100ml is a limited edition by Jam Monster and you definitely do not want to miss out! Get Blackberry by Jam Monster 100ml today, before it goes away!

Flavor Profile: Blackberry, Jam, Butter, Toast

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 75/25