Ice Monster Strawmelon Apple 100ml

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Ice Monster Strawmelon Apple 100ml

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Ice Monster Strawmelon Apple 100ml

Ice Monster Strawmelon Apple Vape Juice Review

Ice Monster Strawmelon Apple 100ml is the perfect vape juice for those of you who love juicy fruits such as strawberries and apples but have taken a liking to menthol. This vape juice brings you the taste of succulent strawberries, and juicy apples, all atop a menthol base that will have you feeling like never before with every single puff you take.

As you inhale Ice Monster Strawmelon Apple, the taste of juicy strawberries will coat your taste buds. The flavor is so accurate that with just one puff you will feel as if you've taken a bite out of a freshly ripened strawberry. Then, the taste of sweet crisp apples will combine with the strawberry flavor. As you exhale, the menthol base will soothe your taste buds, unlike anything you've ever experienced before.  

Ice Monster is a vape juice line brought to you by the fan-loved brand called Jam Monster. Jam Monster has been making their world-renowned vape juice flavors for quite some time, resulting in every bottle you try, tasting amazing. They have perfected their recipes and will keep you coming back for more and more with just one taste! 

Never again will you be looking for a vape juice that will quench your thirst because, with this Ice Monster vape juice, it will be in the palm of your hand.

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Apple, Menthol

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30