WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Salt Vape Juice | Nicotine Salts

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Searching for vape juice made with nicotine salts? West Coast Vape Supply offers a wide range selection, here you’ll find Nicotine Salt vape juice from beloved brands like NKD 100 Salt, Ruthless Vapor Salts, Juice Roll Upz Salt and more.

Whether your taste buds crave rich tobacco, menthol, mint, sugary cereals or juicy fruit flavors, there’s a nicotine salt vape juice at West Coast Vape Supply.

Salt Vape Juice Review

Salt nicotine vape juice is best suited for pod based systems and natural nicotine salts formulas. Vapers find salt nicotine juice more satisfying than regular freebase vape juice.

Unlike the nicotine ordinarily used in vape juice, nicotine salts aren’t just nicotine; they’re compounds containing nicotine and other organic components.

Taking a step away from the science of nicotine salt vape juice, what does this all mean for vapers? Why should you try nicotine salts rather than just sticking to ordinary freebase nicotine vape juice?

You’ll get more nicotine, more quickly: In general, nicotine salts formed using a suitable acid and paired with the right sort of device seem to get nicotine to your blood quicker.

You can use higher-nicotine juices: You don’t need to consume 10 mL of vape juice per day if you can have a 60 mg/ml vape juice instead of a 6 mg/mL one.

Nicotine salt vape juice has a longer shelf-life: Nicotine salts are more stable than freebase nicotine, which means that nicotine salt e-juice will last longer in storage without the nicotine degrading.

You don’t need a powerful device: Nicotine salt vape juice are more efficient at getting you nicotine, so you don’t need to compensate with a powerful 100W box mod – a simple, tiny device can be just as satisfying.

Vape juice that contain salt nicotine juice are best suited for pod-based vape devices. These devices contain refillable pods that only take nicotine salts eliquid.