WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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NO. 05 by Beard Nicotine Salt 30ml

Product Description

NO. 05 by Beard Nicotine Salt 30ml

Beard No 5 Salts Review

This flavor is made with Nicotine Salts, only designed to be used to pod systems.

Nicotine Salts are very popular in refillable pod systems or similar to the Phix, Smok Infinix, or Suorin Drop due to their high amount of nicotine, the Nicotine Salts are very smooth despite their high nicotine level which make them very satisfying for such a small device. Since you're absorbing more nicotine with each hit you take, then you have to vape less to feel satisfied, every hit is smooth no matter what the nicotine level is and your juice will last longer!

NO. 05 by Beard Salt 30ml is a part of the new nicotine salt line from the iconic Beard Vape juice company. They have recreated the top sellers of their original ejuice line to nicotine salt form.

Beard Salt NO. 05 is a decadent strawberry cheesecake that will surely please your sweet tooth. On the inhale Beard Vape Co No 5 delivers a sweet and tangy strawberry experience along with savory cheesecake. On the exhale, the intoxicating buttery cheesecake crust will bathe your taste buds.

No. 05 by Beard Salt 30ml is nicely packaged in a 30ml Chubby Gorilla bottle and available in the nicotine levels 30mg or 50mg.

If you enjoy the delicious taste of a strawberry cheesecake and don't mind it in a vapor form, we highly encourage you to give NO. 05 by Beard Salts a chance. It's a delicious vape that you have to taste to believe!

100% Made in The USA

Bottle Size : 30ml

Flavor Profile : Strawberry, Cheesecake