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Hard Apple SALTS by Candy King 30ml

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Hard Apple SALTS by Candy King Eliquid 30ml

Candy King Hard Apple SALTS Vape Juice Review

Hard Apple SALTS by Candy King has finally arrived for any pod users out there. Get the whole experience of having the delicious taste of tart crisp green apples with every pull and get the perfect smooth hit that offers you flavor and a nice kick to start your day.

What does Hard Apple Salts by Candy King taste like? Hard Apple Salts by Candy King is an extraordinary flavor profile that recreates the taste of sour green apple candy. It's a candy green apple flavor that is just like the one you would find at your local carnival. With its sour puckering taste of sweetness to the delicious candy flavor that coats your mouth, every puff is one you'll want to revisit. Candy King Hard Apple Salts is available in a 30mL bottle and can be experienced in salt nicotine strengths of 35mg and 50mg.

Candy King on Salt is one of the industry's largest and most recognized vaping brands to exist. The brand is parented by DripMore, a large vape juice manufacturing company that is responsible for creating a range of brands and developing innovative flavors using a team of highly talented mixologists. It houses various collections, all designed to generate the most delicious tastes, and it does this by creating vape juice using combinations of fruit, candy, and menthol flavors, alongside an infusion of satisfying nicotine.

Indulge yourself with a sour feel that’ll drive those taste buds mad and puckered on the inhale, while on the exhale you’ll taste the sweetness of this wild fruit that calms every little hair on your tongue as the soft touch of vapor exits your mouth.

Flavor Profile: Green Apple

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)