Satisfying by SVRF Salts 30ml


Satisfying by SVRF Salts 30ml

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Satisfying by SVRF Salts 30ml

SVRF Salts Satisfying Vape Juice Review

Indulge in a salt nicotine ejuice jam packed with flavor when vaping Satisfying by SVRF Salts 30ml. Consisting of unique blend of refreshing raspberry tea with mouth watering dragon fruit, SVRF Salts has got your taste buds covered. Each hit will reward you with a clean and crisp vaping experience that is perfect for vapers looking for a light and vibrant all day vape.

Upon inhale of SVRF Salts Satisfying you will first be greeted by a delightful wave of raspberry tea. It will wow your taste buds with its vibrant notes that will make it seem as you were drinking the real thing. Then during exhale is where an enticing dragon fruit flavor profile emerges providing the perfect balance to the raspberry tea. Both of these flavors will work in harmony to grant you a vaping experience like no other and before you know it you will be down to your last drops.

SVRF Salts Satisfying will arrive in 30ml Chubby Gorilla Bottles and will be available in the nicotine levels 24MG and 48MG.

Flavor Profile: Raspberry Tea, Dragonfruit

Bottle Size: 30ml