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by Alham Benyameen July 31, 2018

Top 5 Salt Nicotine Vaporizers 2018

The Top 5 Salt Nicotine vaporizers are affordable low wattage small form factor devices that are safer to use than sub-ohm devices and easier to operate. These devices are easy to use and have good reviews based on user experience, the #1 reason on choosing a Salt Nicotine device is based on if the ultra-portable device has good air flow and minimal or no spit-back. We found that our list of the Top 5 Salt Nicotine device, the salt nicotine vape juice does not leek through the mouthpiece while inhaling. It's important to note that salt nicotine devices are to be inhaled slowly to avoid spit-back.


Juul Kit

Whether you are looking for a portable device to curb your nicotine cravings or just looking for something portable enough to carry with you on a trip, the JUUL starter kit is an all-in-one ultra portable e-cigarette device perfect for you.

With its innovative pod design, the ultra portable JUUL device makes swapping out flavor pods a breeze. There are no threads to worry about stripping and there are no coils to replace. Just simply swap your JUUL flavor pods around to the desired flavor and just like that.

A fully charged JUUL device will vaporize about one-third (1/3) contents of a single JUUL pod. Being a mouth-to-lung device (MTL) by nature, you can vape around others without being noticed or feeling like a nuisance, as this device does not produce the clouds that an RDA or sub-ohm tank do.

Each JUUL pod is made of food-grade plastics and contain a stainless steel vapor path, an industry standard silica wick, and nichrome coil heater. The JUUL Starter Kit is encased in a lightweight durable aluminum shell casing, is suitable for beginners, lightweight and discreet.

Sourin Drop

Sourin Drop

The Sourin Drop Starter Kit is an Ultra Portable System that's compact and versatile tear-drop style design, ultra portable pod devices that makes use of the Refillable Sourin Drop Cartridge System. This allows you to use both salt Based nicotine or regular based nicotine E-liquids. Similar to Sourin Air System the Sourin Drop uses a air draw technology, therefore eliminating the need of a fire button and will actually output vaper when it detects an inhale. Do not let the small size fool you, It contains a 2ml tank/pod utilizing 1.3 and 1.4 ohm atomizers with a maximum output of 13-watt and the ergonomic design fits nicely in your hand.

The Sourin device also has great battery life and the low operating power it needs a perform the 310mAh built in battery with intuitive LED battery life indicator that will definitely last the majority of the day even for the heaviest of vapers.

SMOK Rolo Badge

SMOK Rolo Badge

The SMOK Rolo Badge is an all in one kit is easy to use, portable, and high quality. The Rolo Badge is capable of 10 to 16w of power output and has the juice capacity of 2ml which is perfect amount to vape for the majority of the day. Being easy to use and convenient was a top priority for Smok's Rolo Badge as it has a draw activated firing mechanism thus eliminating a need for any buttons along with a magnetic connection making removing and install a pod simple. Unlike most pod systems the SMOK Rolo Badge is shaped like a badge or upside down teardrop making it even sleeker and more convenient to carry around in your pocket. With the Rolo Badge Starter Kit, you will be able to enjoy your favorite salt nicotine vape juice in a sleek and simple small form factor device.

Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod

mi pod starter kit

The Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor is an innovative ultra-portable electronic vape starter kit with 2ml vape juice capacity and a custom-made 950mAh built-in battery. Featuring a patented OAS system (Oil and Air Separated), with top airflow and no spit-back.

SMOK Infinix

Smok Infinix

Smok Infinix originally developed with the goal of being easy to use, portable, and premium quality. The Smok Infinix is capable of 10W to 16W of power output and has a vape juice capacity of 2ml. Easy to use and convenient was a top priority for Smok's product development team. The Infinix features a draw activated firing mechanism thus eliminating a need for any buttons along with a magnetic connection making removing and installing the included pod simple.

Have you made the switch from traditional vape juice to nicotine salts? if so we would like to hear about your experience with salt nicotine vape juice in the comments below.

Alham Benyameen
Alham Benyameen

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