ORGNX Honeydew Ice Salt

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Honeydew Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids 30ml

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Honeydew Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids 30ml

ORGNX Honeydew Ice Salt Vape Juice Review

Just when you thought your vaping experience couldn't get any better, you discover this incredibly tasty summer treat that consists of honeydew melon and bone-chilling menthol. It is a pairing of the gods, giving you loads of fun and exciting flavors to enjoy at any time.

What is Honeydew Ice Salt vape juice? Honeydew Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids is a premium vape juice that you would absolutely love. Every moment with this delicious vape is one you'll certainly remember. It uses a tasty and sweet honeydew flavor with a bone-chilling menthol pairing, which leaves an incredibly delicious lingering taste that you'll want to keep revisiting. From the first puff that you take to the very last one that you take, your taste buds will be in complete excitement.

ORGNX Eliquids offers tons of excitement for your taste buds. It is a brand that comes with a large collection of flavors, using a mix of fruit and menthol flavors. The brand is based in Los Angeles, California, where it creates and develops premium vape juice. Since its inception, it has created some of the best flavors on the market and continues to gain success with what many consider all-day-vapes. Its flavor creations are made using single-flavor fruits and fruit and menthol blends that many enjoy for the simplicity of them. You can also enjoy ORGNX in the salt form with strengths of 35mg and 50mg.

Honeydew Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids is a deliciously sweet honeydew flavor that is paired with a splash of ice-cold menthol. If you are looking for a tasty vape that you can call a favorite, we urge you to try this Honeydew Ice Salt vape juice.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Honeydew, Menthol


VG/PG: 50/50