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Apple Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids 30ml

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Apple Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids 30ml

ORGNX Apple Ice Salt Vape Juice Review

Bursting onto the scene with a remarkable collection of flavors, ORGNX Eliquids has become the go-to vape juice brand. Apple Ice Salt is one of its most prized flavors using salt nicotine, due to its uninterrupted crisp apple flavor. It is a delicious vape that we're sure all of our customers would be excited to dive into, as it offers that classic apple taste that is undeniably good.

What is Apple Ice Salt vape juice? Apple Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids is a premium vape juice blend that falls under the ORGNX line-up of salt nicotine vape juice. It gives way to a mouthwatering taste of freshly squeezed apples to provide a crisp apple juice experience with the most natural taste. A hefty dose of menthol is added into the mix, creating an ideal representation of a cold glass of apple juice. From the very beginning of the experience, your taste buds will be overjoyed with flavor, leaving a cool lingering taste that you'll want to keep revisiting time and time again.

ORGNX Eliquids is a premium vape juice brand that is based in Los Angeles, California. It has created and developed a full collection of exciting flavors, ranging from fruit to menthol. Instead of creating a line-up of interrupted flavors, ORGNX is keeping it simple, clean, and straight to the point with single-flavor natural tasting vape juice, so what you see is exactly what you get. From Apple Ice to Guava Ice, there are as many as 11 flavors to choose from in salt form with strengths of 35mg and 50mg.

If you've been searching for an apple flavor vape juice that has the perfect ratio of menthol, you cannot go wrong with ORGNX Apple Ice Salt vape juice. It offers a flavorsome experience that you will always call one of your favorites of all time.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Apple, Menthol


VG/PG: 50/50