ORGNX Watermelon Ice Salt

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Watermelon Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids 30ml

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Watermelon Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids 30ml

ORGNX Watermelon Ice Salt Vape Juice Review

Spearheading a movement in a different path, ORGNX Eliquids is making its own way in the vapor products landscape by introducing single-flavor blends designed to not be overly complex. Watermelon Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids is a clear example, providing the sweet and juicy taste of watermelon mixed with a frozen tundra of menthol.

What is Watermelon Ice Salt vape juice? Watermelon Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids delivers yet another marvelous experience with flavor. Watermelon is easily one of the industry's, or even the world's, most popular flavors. It is universally loved and ORGNX Watermelon Ice Salt offers just that and nothing more, besides a cool mentholated experience, of course. This blend of watermelon and menthol is sweet, juicy, super refreshing, and perfect for those days of heat. Whether you are a fan of menthol or not, there is no denying its incredible taste.

ORGNX Eliquids is just the brand you've been waiting to discover. It is easily one of the industry's brightest stars, quickly emerging as an industry leader in a very short period of time. ORGNX Eliquids is a brand that is based in Los Angeles, California, where it creates and develops a range of premium vape juice flavors. You can explore a wide variety of tastes in salt form, from Banana Ice Salt to Lychee Ice Salt. With many flavors to explore and an infusion of smooth salt nicotine available in 35mg and 50mg strengths, you can see why everyone is so infatuated with this brand.

Watermelon Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids is an outstanding addition to the ORGNX line-up, boasting a truly sweet, juicy, and refreshing vaping experience that is the culmination of pairing together a natural tasting watermelon flavor with an ice-cold dose of menthol flavor. If you are looking for a delicious pairing to call a favorite, look no further.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Watermelon, Menthol


VG/PG: 50/50