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Peach Ice by ORGNX Eliquids 60ml

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Peach Ice by ORGNX Eliquids 60ml

ORGNX Peach Ice Vape Juice Review

Billowing its way through your airways with delicious clouds of flavor, ORGNX Eliquids Peach Ice vape juice is an extraordinary addition to your day. It offers a remarkable blend of flavors, boasting a delicious set of juicy ripe peaches and a cold-as-ice menthol, which makes for one of the most pleasing vapes you'll experience yet!

What is ORGNX Peach Ice vape juice? Peach Ice by ORGNX Eliquids is a fascinating premium vape juice within the ORGNX collection. It delivers a sound flavor profile that many find incredibly pleasing from just the first puff. This tasty blend of flavors consist of sweet and juicy peaches and the perfect ratio of menthol flavor, keeping your taste buds satisfied and your mouth refreshed. The stellar vape juice is one that we believe you will enjoy from the first puff to the last, and its lingering taste of peaches and menthol will surely keep you coming back for more. You can explore Peach Ice by ORGNX Eliquids in a 60mL bottle with optional nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Nestled deep within vaping culture and positioned in what is considered the hub of vaping, ORGNX Eliquids has made its mark in Los Angeles, California. It has risen to the top of the industry by creating and developing a tasty collection of premium vape juice using only fruit and menthol flavor profiles, all of which have been perfectly formulated with your tastes in mind. The quality of ORGNX Eliquids exceeds all expectations and the flavors it provides are simple, yet extraordinarily crafted. After winning several awards and becoming one of the most popular vape juice brands, people continue to turn to ORGNX Eliquids for the most satisfying premium vape juice.

ORGNX Eliquids Peach Ice vape juice is a masterful mixture of flavors, using a simple set of citrus and tangy juicy peaches with a hefty helping of cold menthol. It even provides a delicious lingering taste that hangs around to keep your taste buds satisfied and your mouth refreshed so that you'll soon return for more.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Peach, Menthol


VG/PG: 70/30