ORGNX Pineapple Ice Salt

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Pineapple Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids 30ml

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Pineapple Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids 30ml

ORGNX Pineapple Ice Salt Vape Juice Review

Raising the bar just another notch, Pineapple Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids is beyond its competitors. It delivers a fascinating flavor experience that is super flavorsome with every single puff that you take. This delicious vape juice offers the natural taste of pineapple, spreading all of its sweetness with a bath of salt nicotine.

What is Pineapple Ice Salt vape juice? Pineapple Ice Salt by ORGNX Eliquids is an incredible flavor creation by the expert mixologists behind the ORGNX brand. It has perfected the pineapple flavor and has made it into a vape juice using salt nicotine, which is perfect for your beloved vape pods. Enhancing the flavor, a temperature-dropping blast of menthol is infused, creating a cool lingering taste that is sure to excite the taste buds and leave you wanting even more.

ORGNX Eliquids is an industry-favorite brand that creates and develops high-quality vape juice for all to enjoy. The brand is positioned at the hub of vaping culture, Los Angeles, California. It has mustered up a full collection of fruit and menthol flavor vape juices, and it's also available in salt form. Continuously raising the bar with its single-flavor masterful blends, there is nothing quite better than this natural tasting vape juice. The line-up consists of 11 flavors, which are available in salt nicotine strengths of 35mg and 50mg.

Whether you're on the hunt for a blast of menthol to clear the airways or you need the most flavorsome pineapple vape juice to satisfy your taste buds, ORGNX Pineapple Ice Salt vape juice is the addition to your daily rotation that you're looking for.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Pineapple, Menthol


VG/PG: 50/50