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Lemon by Jam Monster Salt 30ml

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Lemon by Jam Monster Salt 30ml

Jam Monster Lemon Salt Vape Juice Review

Giving way to the tangy taste of lemons that is just utterly delicious with each puff, Lemon by Jam Monster Salt is one spectacular vape juice. It provides an immense taste of lemons, which continue to linger, leaving your taste buds spoiled and wanting more.

What does Jam Monster Salt Lemon vape juice taste like? Lemon by Jam Monster Salt is a fascinating flavor creation from the brilliant minds behind the Jam Monster brand. They've developed this flavor to provide the acidic taste of lemons, one that we've all become familiar with. It is a lemon flavor that has been combined with a buttered toast, where the lemons are made into a jam and spread across the toast to grant you a wonderful flavor experience. With just one puff, your taste buds will be mesmerized by the amazing flavor and the lingering taste this spectacular vape juice provides.

Jam Monster Salt is yet another collection, in the salt form, which has been developed by the experts at Jam Monster, one of the industry's largest and most popular premium vape juice brands. It is an award-winning brand that comes packed with several collections and an extraordinary number of flavors within each of them. Jam Monster is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, yet it is manufactured by one of the most reputable manufacturing companies, Fresh Juice Co. With its incredible flavor offerings, amazing quality, and unbeatable prices, everyone turns to Jam Monster for premium vape juice.

If you don't mind a delicious mixture of lemon jam spread and buttered toast, this taste vape is definitely something to add to your collection. It is a fascinating flavor that we're sure you'll love with every puff that you take. When you want something different for your vape pod, Lemon by Jam Monster Salt is one to consider.

Flavor Profile: Lemon, Butter, Toast

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50