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Grape by Jam Monster Salt 30ml

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Grape by Jam Monster Salt 30ml

Jam Monster Grape Salt Vape Juice Review

Presenting quite the flavor experience with every inhale you make, Grape by Jam Monster Salt offers a luscious taste we're thrilled for you to try. This fascinating flavor creation delivers loads of tasty flavor by bringing you a mixture of buttered toast and a grape jam spread, satisfying your tastes like no other.

What does Jam Monster Salt Grape vape juice taste like? Grape by Jam Monster Salt delivers a taste that recreates what it's like to eat warm toast with a light and creamy layer of butter, while being covered in a thick blanket of grape jam. This phenomenal flavor of complexity has easily become everyone's favorite as it shares a delicious taste that continues to linger so that you'll have something to remember it by. As your taste buds continue to soak in the magnificent flavor, you can only crave more.

Jam Monster Salt is yet another collection that resides under the umbrella of Jam Monster, a premium vape juice brand. It provides many of the same great tastes that the Jam Monster name has become known for, yet created differently using a special salt nicotine formula that is designed specifically for vape pod systems. It has created a range of extraordinary tastes, from the most delicious assortment of mixed berry to a satisfying peach flavor, and many to choose from in between. Jam Monster Salt is manufactured in Orlando, Florida by Fresh Juice Co., one of the largest manufacturing companies in the vaping industry. Today, vapers all of the world continue to rely on Jam Monster to fulfill their vaping needs.

Grape by Jam Monster Salt shares an exciting flavor that was made specifically for your tastes. You'll experience a smooth and satisfying flavor that presents a taste of grape jam, leaving you nothing short of impressed with each puff that you take. If you're looking for a perfect grape flavor vape juice, you've found it here.

Flavor Profile: Grape, Butter, Toast

Bottle Size: 30ml

PG/VG: 50/50