Terkish Kake by M. Terk 100ml

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Terkish Kake by M. Terk 120ml

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Nicotine Level

Terkish Kake by M. Terk 120ml

M. Terk Terkish Kake Vape Juice Review

M. Terk’s Terkish Kake is the closest resemblance to a lemon cake you could possibly get as a vape juice. The lemon cake stands out as soon as you take in a smooth hit, while the butterscotch ties it all together at the end of the hit. This vape juice will mimic the exact moment of biting into a dessert drizzled with delicious butterscotch.

On the inhale the fluffy voluptuous tones of bitter lemon will seep right onto your tongue drawing out it’s citrus desires with just a press of a button. As you exhale the caramelized notes of butterscotch will glide into the flavors of lemon cake creating a salty sweet combination that’ll knock that sweet tooth right out.

You can’t go wrong with M. Terks beautiful mixtures, their butterscotch extract is what draws everybody in. Since their butterscotch is mixed with other tasty flavors it just makes it harder to stay away from. With this type of vape juice you’ll no longer have to worry about another trip to the dentist, each cloud will end any cravings that pop into your head.

Flavor Profile: Butterscotch, Lemon Cake

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30