Slow Blow by Nasty E-liquid 60ml

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Slow Blow by Nasty E-liquid 60ml

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Slow Blow by Nasty E-liquid 60ml

Nasty Juice Slow Blow Review

Nasty Juice took the lemonade flavor that everyone loves and turned into something that is unforgettable. With this vape juice they added a hint of pineapple with the lemonade to give it a twist that will keep you coming back for more and more continuously.  

As you inhale Nasty Slow Blow the familiar taste of lemonade hits your taste buds causing you to release a sigh of happiness. This lemonade flavor is so on point you will never be able to put it down. As you exhale, the pineapple flavor comes through bonding with the lemonade taste creating a flavor that is unlike anything else you've ever taste that your mind will be blown. 

Nasty Juice started in 2015 and has blown up since day one. This vape juice brand is known for it's vulgarness and isn't going to stop anytime soon. On top of being known for being obscene, their vape juices are packed with so much flavor that once you try one, you will have to try all of the other ones to see if they are as good. 

Nasty Slow Blow brings you such a mind blowing lemonade flavor you will turn your nose up at any other lemonade vape juice you come across. Don't miss your chance to try this eye opening vape juice. 

Flavor Profile: Lemonade, Pineapple 

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30