Skwezed Salt Pink Lemonade 30ml

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Pink Lemonade by Skwezed SALT 30ml

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Pink Lemonade by Skwezed SALT 30ml

Skwezed SALT Pink Lemonade Vape Juice Review

Layering your airways with topples of flavor and smothering your taste buds with a resemblance to your favorite pink lemonade beverage, this perfectly recreated flavor is sure to win you over. Pink Lemonade by Skwezed Salt is a brilliant concoction that mimics the taste of authentic pink lemonade, giving you a spot-on taste to experience over and over.

Pink Lemonade by Skwezed Salt is an outstanding formulation that combines satisfying salt nicotine and flavors with one another. The thirst-quenching blend is truly impressive, as it recreates your favorite pink lemonade flavor. Pleasing your airways, coating your taste buds, and leaving you remarkably amazed, there isn't anything quite like it. The concoction brings you the sweet taste of pink lemonade, which you'll notice both strawberries and lemonade intertwine with one another. Alongside a delicious taste, this 30mL bottle blend is perfectly infused with salt nicotine available in 25mg and 50mg strengths to choose from.

Skwezed Salt, part of the renowned Skwezed brand under the VPR Collection umbrella, delivers premium salt nicotine vape juice showcasing exceptional flavors and quality. From intricate fruit blends to distinctive treats, this series, crafted by the creators of leading brands like Dr. Frost and The Bubble Co, promises great tastes and remarkable quality, leaving nothing to be desired.

If you want a delicious beverage flavor to leave you with a refreshing taste, there is no better option than Pink Lemonade by Skwezed Salt. The flavor is identical to the one you know and love, which is why you must try it, even if you've tried others in the past. It's the best pink lemonade vape yet!

Flavor Profile: Pink Lemonade

Bottle Size: 30ML

VG/PG: 50/50