Juice Roll Upz Carnival Berry Lemonade Frozty


Berry Lemonade Ice by Carnival Juice Roll Upz 100ml

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Juice Roll Upz Carnival Berry Lemonade Ice 100ml

Juice Roll Upz Frozty Berry Lemonade Ice Vape Juice Review

Recreating one of the industry's finest flavor concoctions, Juice Roll Upz Carnival is at it again to exploit your taste buds with Berry Lemonade Ice. It offers a rush of assorted berries that seem to overcome the mouth while receiving the perfect hints of lemonade and frigid menthol to ensure total satisfaction.

What is Juice Roll Upz Berry Lemonade Ice vape juice? Berry Lemonade Ice by Carnival Juice Roll Upz is an exciting premium vape juice that offers a range of delicious and flavorsome tastes to keep your taste buds excited and satisfied to the fullest. With a seamless harmony of flavors, you'll find that Berry Lemonade Ice is an outstanding flavor addition to your collection. From the first puff that you take to the very last, your mouth will be watering with tons of delicious berries, lemonade, and menthol, giving you no reason to ever stray.

Juice Roll Upz is by far one of the industry's most favored brands, backed with years of experience in perfecting premium vape juice with the most delicious flavors. The brand has developed a long list of fruity and retro candy flavors, giving vapers plenty to choose from. Juice Roll Upz is headquartered in the hub of vaping, Los Angeles, California. Since its inception, it has created many popular flavors and is home to several collections, such as the Juice Roll Upz Carnival Collection and many more. Due to its superb quality, incredible flavor creations, and its experience, vapers turn to Juice Roll Upz to meet their vape juice needs.

Whether you're looking to explore its dashing dish of assorted berries or experience the sweetness and zestiness of its lemonade or take plunder in its bath of menthol, Berry Lemonade Ice by Carnival Juice Roll Upz is just the flavor you'll want and ever need.

Flavor Profile: Assorted Berries, Lemonade, Menthol

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30