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Blue Raspberry Lemonade by I Love Salts 30ml

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Blue Raspberry Lemonade by I Love Salts 30ml

I Love Salts Blue Raspberry Lemonade Review

Creating a remarkable experience that brings a pairing of delicious flavors together, it's easy to see why this vape juice is one you should consider. It combines a mixture of blue raspberries and lemonade into one, creating a blue raspberry lemonade vape that gets better and better with each puff.

What is Blue Raspberry Lemonade vape juice? Blue Raspberry Lemonade by I Love Salts is an amazing concoction of flavors that consists of tart blue raspberries and sweet and tangy lemonade. It is a delicious duo that makes for the most exciting vape you've had yet. From puff to puff, you'll experience the two flavors collide with one another, making for an all-day vape that you'll want to relive over and over. Filled within a 30mL bottle and infused with the option of 25mg or 50mg salt nicotine, I Love Salts Blue Raspberry Lemonade is one you have got to try.

I Love Salts is a premium vape juice brand that offers a serious collection of flavors that you'll find incredibly enticing. The brand is filled with a quality vape juice that is super satisfying. I Love Salts is made and manufactured by famed vape juice maker, Mad Hatter Juice, a southern California brand that has gained immense popularity by developing a range of iconic brands, including I Love Cookies, I Love Popcorn, I Love Donuts and more. Today, people continue to rely on I Love Salts for its incredible flavors and amazing quality.

If you're at a crossroads and looking for a flavor that pleases your taste buds, while at the same time eliminating your nicotine cravings, Blue Raspberry Lemonade by I Love Salts is an exceptional choice to consider. It gives you loads of blue raspberry and lemonade flavors in one, creating a vape that you'll appreciate with each puff.

Flavor Profile: Blue Raspberry, Lemonade

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50