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Pablo Ejuice by Modus Vapors 60ml

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Pablo Ejuice by Modus Vapors 60ml

Modus Pablo Vape Juice Review

Modus Vapors has created the perfect vape juice to quench all of your thirsts in a matter of seconds. This recreation of pink lemonade is so spot on that your mouth will water at just the thought of it.

As you inhale Modus Vapors Pablo, the taste of succulent pink lemonade floods your taste buds in the most jaw dropping way. This flavor is the perfect thing to keep you going even on the hottest days of summer. As you exhale, the lemonade flavor comes through even more causing your lips to pucker slightly. This flavor will have your taste buds in a frenzy. This vape juice will bring back the fondest memories of summer that you have.

Modus Vapors started in 2015 and have taken the vaping community by storm. Their flavors are true to taste and every single time you inhale you'll get the same intoxicating mixture of flavors that you won't ever get tired of. Modus Vapors have held to their motto of "make your own M.O" since the beginning and will quickly become your new favorite vape juice brand in a matter of minutes.

Modus Vapors Pablo is sure to be your new favorite all-day-vape. This flavor is so intense that even after you go through a whole bottle you won't be tired of it. 

Flavor Profile: Pink Lemonade

Bottle Size: 60ml