Mango Creamsicle by The Milkman Delights 60ml

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Mango Creamiscle by The Milkman Delights 60ml

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Mango Creamiscle by The Milkman Delights 60ml

Mango Milk by I Love The Milkman Ejuice Review

Mango Creamiscle by The Milkman Delights 60ml is a creamy collaboration between Mad Hatter Juice and The Milkman, this succulent Mango Milk flavor will make your taste buds screaming from the first puff. These brands coming together to make an e-juice baby is way over due. Both of these premium brands are known for their creamy vape juice flavors. Its about time we receive what we have been begging for.

It takes two to mango and Mad Hatter and The Milkman are truly the best dance partners. No other flavor can compare to this silky milk e juice flavor that has been fused with juicy mangoes. On the inhale this boozy mango vape juice base will smother your taste buds with its authentic flavor. This intoxicating flavor has been truly complemented by a creamy milk flavor to wash it down. From the first hit you will be truly satisfied and delighted with this flavor packed experience.

Mad Hatter Juice is known for their fruity dessert blends with their "i love-" collection. Some of these top notch e-liquids include I love Donuts, I love Taffy, I Love Cookies, and even more. The Milkman has created possibly one of the most authentic and savory milk flavored vape juice products in the industry! So you are sure not to be disappointed by this savory collaboration.

Mango Creamiscle by The Milkman Delights 60ml is having melon vape juice fanatics losing their minds across the world! Don't miss out today, indulge in Mango Milk.

Flavor Profile: Mango, Milk

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30