Hi-Drip Salts Peachy Mango Iced


Peachy Mango Iced by Hi-Drip Salts 30ml

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Peachy Mango Iced by Hi-Drip Salts 30ml

Hi-Drip Salts Peachy Mango Iced Vape Juice Review

Producing a deliciously complex flavor profile, Peachy Mango Iced by Hi-Drip Salts is sure to become one of your all-time favorite vapes. It is a magnificent blend thrown together to create yet another satisfying all-day vape. If you enjoy the smooth inhales of salt nicotine and the flavorsome taste of peaches, mangoes, and menthol, this is one you have to experience for yourself.

What is Hi-Drip Salts Peachy Mango Iced vape juice? Peachy Mango Iced by Hi-Drip Salts is a blast of a flavor profile. It is a super satisfying mixture of three flavors, giving you a complex vape you'll appreciate. The delightful blend consists of sweet peaches, juicy mangoes, and ice-cold menthol. With Peachy Mango Iced vape juice, it'll taste as if you've stuffed your mouth with loads of peach mango chewy candy with a cooling sensation for your airways. Peachy Mango Iced by Hi-Drip Salts is available in two 15mL bottles, giving you a total of 30mL of vape juice to enjoy. It comes in two different salt nicotine strengths as well, including 20mg and 50mg.

Hi-Drip Salts is a magnificent collection of salt nicotine vape juice that provides the same premium flavors you'll find in the original Hi-Drip line-up. instead of a single 30mL bottle, Hi-Drip Salts are available in two 15mL bottles, making the convenience and portability of the bottles at an all-time high. Within the collection, you'll find a range of deliciously crafted flavors, stretching from sweet fruits to ice-cold menthol flavors. Hi-Drip is based in California and manufactured by Jack's Juicy Factory, an industry-leading vape juice company that has developed some of the industry's most prized flavor creations. With an amazing collection of delicious tastes, satisfying ingredients, and the most pleasing quality, Hi-Drip Salts is definitely a brand to consider.

Perfect for those who enjoy peaches, mangoes, and menthol, Peachy Mango Iced by Hi-Drip Salts is just the trio of flavors you'll want to add to your daily rotation of all-day vapes. It is a satisfying flavor creation that will smother your tastes with tons of flavor goodness.

Flavor Profile: Peach, Mango, Menthol

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50