Mango Strawberry TFN by Juice Head Salts

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Mango Strawberry TFN by Juice Head Salts 30ml

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Mango Strawberry TFN by Juice Head Salts

Juice Head Salts Mango Strawberry TFN Review

Mango Strawberry TFN by Juice Head Salts shares quite the promising flavor, along with an infusion of satisfying salt nicotine. To make it even greater, the salt nicotine is tobacco-free, which means you can completely rid yourself of the burden of big tobacco once and for all. This delicious blend will be your new favorite vape.

What is Juice Head Salts Mango Strawberry TFN vape juice? Mango Strawberry TFN by Juice Head Salts offers you a spectacular vape, bringing you the most pleasing flavor. It is a delightful mixture of tropical mangoes and juicy strawberries, serving as one of the most delicious vapes you've ever come across. Add in the fact that it is infused with tobacco-free salt nicotine and you're geared for an extraordinary vaping experience. It's a delicious all-day vape and the vape is incredibly smooth and pleasing.

Juice Head Salts is an amazing series of salt nicotine vape juice within the hefty collection of the Juice Head brand. It consists of both regular salt nicotine vape and tobacco-free salt nicotine vape juice. Juice Head is based in Garden Grove, California, and offers expertly crafted blends of vape juice, ranging from tasty fruits to bone-chilling menthol blends, and so many more to choose from. It is all manufactured by Streamline Vape Co., an industry-leading vape juice manufacturing company that has proven itself by delivering amazing flavors and the most incredible quality ingredients. It is known for developing hit brands, such as Bam's Cannoli, Tab Premium Salts, and Khali Vapors.

Slathering your taste buds with the most brilliant tastes, Mango Strawberry TFN by Juice Head Salts is exceptional tobacco-free nicotine salt. It offers a delicious flavor of mangoes and strawberries and blends them together, creating another all-day-vape juice to add to your collection of vapes.

Flavor Profile: Mango, Strawberry

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50