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Mango Guava by Kilo Revival TFN 100ml

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Mango Guava by Kilo Revival TFN 100ml

Kilo Revival Mango Guava Vape Juice Review

If you are really looking to take your flavor experience to a new level, Mango Guava by Kilo Revival TFN has tons of it to offer. This remarkable blend of pairing gives you a truly satisfying taste that will continue to linger, and will ultimately become your next favorite vape juice.

What is Kilo Revival Mango Guava vape juice? Mango Guava by Kilo Revival TFN is the tastiest, flavor-filled vape juice that you'll ever have the chance to experience. It brings you this magnificent concoction of tropical mangoes and exotic guavas, then pairs it with a high-quality Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg to diminish any cravings you may have. The flavor is filled with deliciousness and is sure to quickly turn into another all-day vape. Enjoy this sweet and exotic flavor that hits all the right notes and is just too good to not take advantage of each day.

Kilo Eliquids is a premium vape juice brand that is headquartered in Orange County, California. It is known throughout the industry for manufacturing some of the finest flavors and nesting them in a series of different collections, all aimed to offer you a range of tastes, from fruits to creams to menthols and more. Along with gaining thousands of fans that rely on its incredible vape juice, Kilo also participates heavily in ensuring vapor products remain on the shelves. It co-founded one of the first Vape Trade Associations in California, and the brand has also received more than 15 awards for its excellence in creating great flavors. No matter how you look at it, Kilo Eliquids is just an all-around great brand to do business with.

Mango Guava by Kilo Revival TFN is an outstanding premium vape juice that anyone would appreciate. It brings you a blend of tropical mangoes, exotic guavas, and infuses it with synthetic nicotine, ensuring you receive the great tastes you enjoy and the nicotine you crave.

Flavor Profile: Mango, Guava

Bottle Size: 100mL

VG/PG: 70/30