Vapetasia Killer Fruits Pango


Killer Fruits Pango by Vapetasia 100ml

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Killer Fruits Pango by Vapetasia 100ml

Killer Fruits Pango Vape Juice Review

Making for the most outstanding vape juice, Killer Fruits Pango by Vapetasia is one that you don't want to pass up. It unveils loads of amazing flavor that is truly irresistible. The tasty blend combines the perfect mixture of bitter pineapple and sweet mango flavor, creating the perfect pairing.

What is Killer Fruits Pango vape juice? Killer Fruits Pango by Vapetasia is a new vape juice blend that has been added to the famed Killer Fruits collection, and boy is it the perfect addition. With many fruit flavors to choose from, it seems Pango has arrived at just the right time, and with the right flavors too. This pairing combines an outstanding mixture of bitter pineapples and sweet mango flavor, creating yet another all-day vape that you'll be thrilled to add to your collection. The two conform together perfectly, with one never being dominant over the other. Killer Fruits Pango by Vapetasia comes in a massive 100mL bottle and is available in two tobacco-free nicotine strengths to choose from, including 3mg, and 6mg.

Killer Fruits is an outstanding collection of premium vape juice, and it houses all sorts of different fruit-flavored combinations for you to enjoy. The collection not only provides extraordinary flavors but it also has some of the best quality as well, ensuring you receive an incredible experience you can always return to. The Killer Fruits collection is housed under the umbrella of Vapetasia, one of the industry's largest and most recognized vape juice manufacturing brands. It is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been serving the market since 2013, developing some of the industry's most iconic flavor creations.

Killer Fruits Pango by Vapetasia is by far one of the best options in the collection, as it has the perfect complimenting blend of flavors. The bitter pineapple flavor meshed with sweet mango flavor, and infused with just enough nicotine makes for a vape you don't want to miss out on.

Flavor Profile: Pineapple, Mango

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30