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Orange Mango Freeze TFN by Juice Head 100ML

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Orange Mango Freeze TFN by Juice Head 100ML

Juice Head Orange Mango Freeze TFN Vape Juice Review

Delivering yet another incredible blend of flavors, this one will surely make its way into your collection of favs. It is a bone-chilling blend that will soothe your airways, yet leave them cool and refreshed for another round of puffs. Orange Mango Freeze TFN by Juice Head is a bottle of delicious vape juice that consists of tropical mangoes, zesty oranges, and cool menthol.

What does Juice Head Orange Mango Freeze taste like? Orange Mango Freeze TFN by Juice Head is a premium vape juice blend that tastes just as the name implies, a mixture of tropical mangoes, zesty oranges, and a splash of menthol that is sure to refresh your mouth. This absolute beast of a blend hits all of the right notes and will go down as one you'll always remember. Juice Head Orange Mango Freeze vape juice is made with an infusion of tobacco-free nicotine, also known as zero tobacco nicotine, which comes in a 100mL bottle and is available in strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg to meet your preference.

Juice Head is a legendary vape juice brand that specializes in creating premium vape juice using a variety of nicotine types, including freebase, salt nicotine, and zero tobacco nicotine (tobacco-free nicotine). It has developed a wide range of flavors using fruit and menthol blends and has become some of the industry's award-winning tastes everyone has come to know and love. The brand is headquartered in Garden Grove, California, where it is manufactured by Streamline Vape Co., one of the most recognized manufacturing companies in vaping.

If you are searching for another awesome vape juice blend to add to your list of personal favorites, here is another you may want to consider. Orange Mango Freeze TFN by Juice Head offers the right mix of mangoes, oranges, and menthol to cool your tastes and satisfy your cravings.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Orange, Mango, Menthol


VG/PG: 70/30