WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Napa Nectar by California Grown Sub-Ohm SALTS 60ml

Product Description

Napa Nectar by California Grown Sub-Ohm SALTS 60ml

California Grown Sub-Ohm SALTS Napa Nectar Vape Juice Review

California Grown Napa Nectar is the most jaw dropping fusion between sweet, juicy mango and mouth watering nectar. This vape juice has just the right amount of sweetness in it to send your sweet tooth packing but not enough to overwhelm you. California Grown Napa Nectar will have your taste buds thanking you with every single puff you take.

As you inhale California Grown Napa Nectar, the taste of perfectly ripe mango will hit your taste buds like a tsunami. This flavor has revamped the taste of biting into a mango and made it into a flavor that you will never want to put down. As you exhale, the nectar flavor combines with the mango to give it a splash of sweetness that will for sure have your taste buds in a frenzy. This vape juice is everything you've been looking for packed into a 60ml bottle.

California Grown is based out of Southern California where they make all of their delightful vape juices that are sure to have you addicted in a matter of seconds. These vape juices have so much flavor behind them that you will feel as if you've been sucker punched with delicious tastes! All of their vape juices are made with the highest quality of ingredients that will give you the best possible vaping experience and drive you crazy.

California Grown Napa Nectar is the perfect vape juice for those of you with a sweet tooth that only comes out so often. This vape juice is sure to keep that sweet tooth under lock and key and have you having the time of your life with every puff you take.

Flavor Profile: Mango, Nectar

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30