Grizzly Apple by California Grown Sub-Ohm SALTS 60ml

California Grown Sub-Ohm SALTS

Grizzly Apple by California Grown Sub-Ohm SALTS 60ml

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Grizzly Apple by California Grown Sub-Ohm SALTS 60ml

California Grown Sub-Ohm SALTS Grizzly Apple Vape Juice Review

California Grown Grizzly Apple is the most accurate tasting apple vape juice you'll ever be able to find. This vape juice takes the taste of the beloved Granny Smith Fuji Apple and brings it to you in a vape juice that you can indulge on any time of day, no matter if Granny Smith apples are in season or not. 

As you inhale California Grown Grizzly Apple, it recreates the taste of biting into a perfectly ripened apple picked straight from the tree and to your taste buds. This flavor is an exact replica of Granny Smith Fuji Apples. As you exhale, the flavor continues to explode across your taste buds leaving them craving more and more of this mouthwatering and intoxicating vape juice. This vape juice is perfect for those of you addicted to the succulent taste of apples, as it will give you that flavor and so much more!

California Grown is based out of Southern California where they make all of their delightful vape juices that will have you going crazy in an instant. With every single one of their vape juice you will feel as if you're on top of the world. Never again will you have to search endlessly for a vape juice that will satisfy all of your cravings. Made with only the highest quality ingredients available, these vape juices are sure to give you the best vaping experience possible. 

California Grown Grizzly Apple is the perfect vape juice to have your taste buds going crazy with just one puff. This vape juice will quench all of your thirsts and have you coming back for more and more consistently. 

Flavor Profile: Green Apple, Red Apple

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30