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One Hit Wonder Muffin Man Eliquid

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One Hit Wonder Muffin Man Eliquid 100ml or 180ml

One Hit Wonder Muffin Man Vape Juice Review

One Hit Wonder has done it again with a mouth-watering vape juice that will satisfy all of your sweet tooth cravings. One Hit Wonder Muffin Man provides the taste of sweet apples baked to perfection inside of a warm cinnamon muffin.

As you inhale One Hit Wonder Muffin Man 100ml the gloriously rich taste of a homemade cinnamon muffin that is sure to stomp out your sweet tooth in a matter of seconds washes over your taste buds. This apple vape juice is sure to give you the satisfaction you've been craving for ages. As you exhale, the undertones of a warm muffin combine with the apple taste to create something that will zap you to a completely new plane of flavor.

One Hit Wonder E-Liquid makes all of their vape juice with something called TruNic. TruNic is a salt nicotine base that is made to use within your favorite sub-ohm device. You can use these succulent vape juices in your choice of a tank or a dripper and still get the intense flavors you crave along with the strong throat hit that drives you wild. These vape juices taste so authentic that you won't believe your taste buds.

One Hit Wonder Muffin Man Nicotine Salts delivers the taste of perfectly baked apples within a cinnamon muffin and this taste is sure to drive your taste buds up a wall. This intense, mouth-watering flavor will soon become your next favorite vape juice.

One Hit Wonder Muffin Man 180ml is now exclusively available from West Coast Vape Supply, the original Muffin Man180ml is crafted with freebase nicotine and has stronger throat kick.

Flavor Profile: Apple, Cinnamon Muffin

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 80/20