Reds Apple Mango Salt Nicotine

7 Daze Salt Series

Reds Apple Mango by 7 Daze Salt Series 30ml

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Reds Apple Mango by 7 Daze Salt Series 30ml

Reds Apple Mango Salt Nic Review

Delivering blistering tastes, Reds Apple Mango is by far one of the most fascinating flavors that exist in the 7 Daze Salt Series. It offers a tropical mango flavor that gives you the feeling as if you were on an island, relaxing to the beat of your own drum, and there isn't any pressure to do anything different than enjoy its amazing taste.

What is Reds Apple Mango vape juice? Reds Apple Mango by 7 Daze Salt Series is a premium vape juice flavor that delivers an incredibly complex taste, boasting light notes of 7 Daze's signature apple flavor, while the main star of the show is a perfectly created tropical mango flavor. The two sync with one another, creating a delicious experience that is worthy of a second round. From the first puff to the last, the flavors seem to dance over your taste buds and leave you satisfied, yet wanting more.

With its headquarters based in Ontario, California, 7 Daze has become one of the industry's most popular and most recognized leading vape juice manufacturers to exist. It has continued to amaze consumers far and wide with its perfectly crafted blends since 2014, and it isn't letting up anytime soon. Its most popular flavor was named Selfie Sunday, and due to its success, 7 Daze created a whole collection of flavors utilizing that signature apple flavor that brought it all of the fame. Those same delicious blends of apple and various fruits still exist today, now in freebase and salt form.

Whether you are a long time fan of 7 Daze or you are just now discovering the magical tastes that it offers in its collection, Reds Apple Mango is by far one of the best tasting vape juice flavors it has created, and we believe that deserves your attention. Enjoy the delicious tastes now with the satisfaction of quality salt nicotine.

Flavor Profile: Apple Juice, Mango 

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50