Vaper Treats Cool Rush

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Cool Rush by Vaper Treats 100ml

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Cool Rush by Vaper Treats 100ml

Vaper Treats Cool Rush Vape Juice Review

Vaper Treats Cool Rush is the vape juice for those of you who are addicted to the heavenly minty flavor that candied mints bring you. This vape juice brings menthol flavor to a whole new level, and you will never go back to the traditional menthol flavors before. Menthol fanatics rejoice, there is finally a vape juice that will drive your taste buds to a whole new world of tastes.

As you inhale Vaper Treats Cool Rush, a rush of minty flavors wash over your taste buds as if you were inhaling ice. This vape juice has recreated the taste of your favorite mint flavored candies and turned them into a vape juice that will have your taste buds feeling relaxed and refreshed all day long. As you exhale, the iciness takes over and refreshes your taste buds to the max. Cool Rush is the perfect vape juice for those of you who are just dying to get your hands on your next minty fix.

Vaper Treats is a brand dedicated to bringing you the flavors you know and love. Vaper Treats vape juice have so much flavor packed into them that with every single puff you take your mind will be caught in a swirl of happiness. Made with only the highest quality of ingredients, your taste buds will feel on top of the world. This vape juice is sure to give you the best vaping experience possible! Vaper Treats brings you the vape juices you've been searching for and you will never get tired of the delightful flavors they deliver.

Vaper Treats Cool Rush is the vape juice made for menthol fanatics. This vape juice will cool your taste buds down in an instant and have you going crazy from your very first puff until your last!

Flavor Profile: Menthol, Ice

Bottle Size: 100ml