Mint Leaf Honeydew Berry Kiwi Ejuice by PACHAMAMA 60ml

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Mint Leaf Honeydew Berry Kiwi by PACHAMAMA 60ml

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Mint Leaf Honeydew Berry Kiwi Ejuice by PACHAMAMA 60ml

PACHAMAMA Mint Leaf Honeydew Berry Kiwi Vape Juice Review

Newest from Charlie's Chalk Dust PACHAMAMA line is The Mint Leaf! Available in 60ml bottles, The Mint Leaf e-juice is a unique combination of ultra sweet Honeydew melon vape juice, tarty Kiwi slices, wild berries, and freshly plucked mint leaves. A tropical mix of sweet fruits accented with slight sour notes and topped all off with smooth, minty cool. A menthol blend for those with a sweet tooth. 

As you inhale PACHAMAMA Mint Leaf Honeydew Berry Kiwi vape juice, the refreshing honeydew melon flavor caress your taste buds like old friends hugging for the first time in years. Then, a subtle tart kiwi flavor intertwines with the honeydew flavor. A flavor of wild berries that will drive your taste buds insane then entangles with the honeydew kiwi flavor create a succulent juice that is mouthwatering from first drop to the very last. As you exhale, your taste buds are soothed with a minty flavor that washes away the fruity flavors leaving your mouth feeling refreshed and ready for another puff. 

The PACHAMAMA line is made of juices that use their naturally sweet fruity flavors to create a juice that is just the right amount of sweetness, but is yet still refreshing to the very last hit. Fruit advocates are all jumping for joy for the PACHAMAMA line because of how genuine the vape juices taste. It will blow your mind how accurate the honeydew, kiwi, berries, and mint taste.

Mint Leaf Honeydew Berry Kiwi E-Juice by PACHAMAMA is a juice that everyone is going crazy for. With subtle fruity flavors, and a hint of soothing mint there is no way you can go wrong! Save on Mint Leaf Honeydew Berry Kiwi E-Juice today!

Flavor Profile: Honeydew, Kiwi, Berries, Mint

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30