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Loaded Raspberry Eclair by Loaded E-Liquid 120ml

Loaded E-Liquid Raspberry Eclair Ejuice Review

Loaded Raspberry Eclair by Loaded E-Liquid does it again, the mouth-watering flavor of a tasty raspberry flavored eclair. True to their culinary background, Ruthless Vapor's artisans baked doughnut flavors are only getting more intricate with their delicate dessert vape juice blends.

Made with scrumptious raspberry filling, Loaded Raspberry Eclair is irresistible, entirely delectable and will make your taste buds run bonkers.

On the inhale, Loaded Raspberry Eclair dances across your taste buds with the creamy, buttery taste of a raspberry filled eclair. While you exhale, the flavor of a freshly baked eclair pastry flows across the tongue making your mouth-water.

This is the first time we've witnessed an eclair flavored vape, and nobody can do it better than Loaded E-Liquid and Ruthless Vapor. If you are looking for a fantastic dessert flavor blend, Loaded Raspberry Eclair is your answer.

Flavor Profile: Doughnut, Raspberry, Cream, Pastry

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 70/30