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Apple Cider Donut by Keep it 100 100ml

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Orchard (Apple Cider Donut) by Keep it 100 100ml

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Orchard by Keep it 100 100ml

Keep it 100 Orchard Vape Juice Review

Building a solid foundation for years, Keep It 100 Ejuice managed to climb its way up to a leading position in the vapor products industry by developing some of the industry’s most innovative vape juice flavors. It has a whole collection of expertly crafted flavors, from slushie flavors to delicious desserts, and everything in between. People have gained incredible respect for the brand for what it offers on the market, which is just one of the reasons why Keep It 100 has become so popular.

Within its arsenal of premium vape juice, Orchard by Keep It 100 is one of the community’s favorites. It provides an extraordinary, unique taste that delivers a delightful experience with every puff you take. Due to its beyond-normal flavor profile, people have taken to Orchard for not only its uniqueness but also because of its quality, which is why we’re thrilled to share it with you as well.

From the moment you fill your tank, you immediately begin to smell the aroma of a delicious dessert. Your nasal senses spark anticipation as your taste buds await the soon-to-come flavor. When you take your first inhale of Keep It 100 Orchard, you are greeted with a taste that is just as unique as the name. First, it’s flavorful notes of apple cider, then sweet and warm donut flavor follows just behind. The exhale is just as promising, boasting a flavorful burst of donut and apple cider perfectly blended into one to create the Orchard flavor the creators were going for. It’s when these two flavors collide that you realize how rewarding this ejuice really is. From beginning to end, your taste buds are overwhelmed with flavor, and it’s an experience that simply won’t forget.

Arriving at your door in a quick fashion, this 100mL bottle vape juice is all that you could hope for. Orchard is a remarkable flavor, and it’s filled to the rim in this large Chubby Gorilla bottle, giving you many vape sessions, and easy access to fill your tank. It offers a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, providing an exceptional blend to ensure you receive loads and loads of flavor, though still maintaining a large vapor production. To satisfy you to no extent, you have an option of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths.

Though there are several flavor options on the market, finding a gem like Orchard is worth your attention. The flavor is super unique, delivers loads of flavor, and the experience is so worth every penny. We encourage you to explore Orchard by Keep It 100 to ensure your taste never reaches a dull moment.

Flavor Profile: Apple Cider, Doughnut

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)