Volcano Burst by U TooB 100 Ejuice 120ml

U TooB 100

Volcano Burst by U TooB 100 Ejuice 120ml

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Nicotine Level:

Nicotine Level

Volcano Burst by U TooB 100 Ejuice 120ml

U TooB 100 Ejuice Volcano Burst Vape Juice Review

Volcano Burst by U TooB 100 will be like love at first vape for your taste buds showering them in milky sweet coconut, tangy pineapple, and succulent strawberries. Every puff you take is like having a fruity creamy spoon full of wavy vapor. This juice has just the right amount of luxuriant flavor that’ll have you hooked with no effort whatsoever.

One puff draws in all three fruits concoculating them into one extravagant taste that only U TooB can give you. The creamy taste of coconut will be the first thing you can taste as well as the sugared tones of luscious strawberry on the inhale. On the exhale you’ll feel the tingling citrus like burst of lip smacking pineapple as the smoke leaves your mouth. These three flavors go so well together it’s ridiculous.

This name is accurate for such an amazing vape juice, it’s literally like having a volcano fruit eruption every time the vapor leaves from your vape to your mouth. The clouds carry such a significant amount of flavor it’s hard to not want to take another hit.

Flavor Profile: Pineapple, Coconut, Strawberry

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 70/30