The Milkman Heritage

The Vaping Rabbit

The Milkman Heritage Gold 60ml

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The Milkman Heritage Gold 60ml

Milkman Heritage Gold 60ml Review

The Milkman Heritage is The Milkman's newest flavors. These tobacco inspired vape juices are sure to bring you joy no matter how your day is going. One of the three new flavors is, The Milkman Heritage Gold 60ml. This flavor will bring you the tobacco vape juice flavor you crave with a cream and honey twist. 

As you inhale The Milkman Heritage Gold your taste buds will be met with the subtlety sweet tobacco taste. This perfect recreation of the familiar tobacco flavor you've come to love will have your head spinning. As the tobacco flavor is dancing around your taste buds a cream taste joins in on the dance. As you exhale, a honey e-juice taste merges in, creating an exquisite dance across your taste buds that have been unheard of until now. 

The Milkman Heritage is the newest line of vape juice form the brand The Vaping Rabbit. These succulent tobacco flavors give you the taste you crave in the very depths of your soul, with intricate twists in flavor.  Indulge in your tobacco cravings and discover these new and delightful twists in flavor. The Milkman Heritage will satisfy even your most hidden tobacco cravings and also leave you feeling guilt-free. 

Heritage Gold by The Milkman E-Liquid is the tobacco flavor of your craziest desires. The taste of tobacco mixed with cream and honey gives it such a smooth taste you won't believe what you're tasting. This vape juice will have you feeling such an intense feeling of happiness it will overwhelm you. 

Flavor Profile: Tobacco, Cream, Honey 

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30