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Cuban Tobacco by BLVK Unicorn 60ml

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Cuban Tobacco by BLVK Unicorn 60ml

BLVK Unicorn Cuban Tobacco Vape Juice Review

Perfectly recreating the classic taste of Cuban tobacco, this unique flavor profile of leather, cedar, spice, cocoa, dark fruit, and earth will help bring you back to your roots. Cuban Tobacco by BLVK Unicorn is an outstanding flavor remade in vape form, mimicking the famed taste for all fans of tobacco flavors.

What is BLVK Unicorn Cuban Tobacco vape juice? Cuban Tobacco by BLVK Unicorn is a premium vape juice blend that features an impressive, yet often familiar flavor profile. It delivers a unique, very distinct taste, which is why it has become one of the most popular tobacco flavors existing. Some feel that Cuban tobacco tastes of leather, cedar, spice, cocoa, dark fruit, and earth all combined into one. The taste it generates is an acquired taste, however, for those who enjoy tobacco flavors, it's truly addicting. Cuban Tobacco comes in a 60mL bottle and is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength options.

BLVK Unicorn is a widely popular vape brand that has gained a lot of success during its time. It has developed an incredible collection of premium vape juice, all of which sport some of the most fascinating flavor profiles using fruit, dessert, candy, menthol, and tobacco flavors. BLVK Unicorn is a manufacturing brand based in Los Angeles, California, and under the umbrella of BLVK Holdings, a company with an extensive portfolio, including ello, weedsy, eightysix premium hemp, melo dose, envy cbd, and many more. BLVK E-Liquid was launched at the ASD Tradeshow in 2016.

If you've been searching for a tobacco flavor that has a dialed-in taste, you will absolutely love Cuban Tobacco by BLVK Unicorn. It's a delicious 60mL bottle that sports some of the best flavor and quality that you can feel from the very first time you take a puff.

Flavor Profile: Tobacco

Bottle Size: 60ML

VG/PG: 70/30

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)