WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Keep It 100 Salts Tobacco 30ml

Product Description

Keep It 100 Salts Tobacco 30ml

Keep It 100 Salts Tobacco Vape Juice Review

Keep It 100 Tobacco Salt is one of the smoothest tobacco flavors on the market. This salt nic vape juice will keep you wanting more with every hit and refill. It will leave you wondering why it isn't a 60ml instead of a 30ml.

As you inhale Keep It 100 Tobacco Salt, you will taste the deeply rich and smooth notes of tobacco that you know and love. With every hit you take of this amazing vape juice your taste buds will beg for more. The rich tobacco flavor has such an authentic note to it that you will be seeing stars. As you exhale, the deeply rich and smooth tobacco flavor will turn slightly sweet and leave you craving more and more. This vape juice is truly one for the books.

Keep it 100 has always delivered amazing flavor and they did not disappoint whatsoever with their new salt nicotine line. On top of how amazing the flavor is,  they made the bottle needlepoint, for easy fill into the tiny holes of salt nic systems.  Keep It 100 prides itself on making vape juices that will become your next all-day vape. With each and every one of their vape juices, you will find high-quality ingredients that provide you with the best possible vaping experience!

Keep It 100 Tobacco Salt is the tobacco vape juice you've been searching for to kick those cigarette cravings. This vape juice will keep you on your toes with every inhale and exhale you take. 

Flavor Profile: Tobacco

Bottle Size: 30ml

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)