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Mint Bacco by Keep It 100 Salts 30ml

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Mint Bacco by Keep It 100 Salts 30ml

Keep It 100 Salts Mint Bacco Vape Juice Review

Creating some of the most impressive flavors, Keep It 100 Salts has developed an incredible line-up, and Mint Bacco by Keep It 100 Salts is one of the best. It is a sweet and refreshing mint flavor combined with flavorful tobacco. It is an outstanding blend that is sure to satisfy your tastes.

What is Keep It 100 Salts Mint Bacco vape juice? Mint Bacco by Keep It 100 Salts is an extraordinary concoction that will keep you loving flavors and enjoying vaping even more. This pleasing blend combines two incredible flavors with one another, throwing together a mixture of sweet and crisp mint flavors, alongside a hefty dose of tobacco flavor to keep your taste buds amused and ready for more. Mint Bacco by Keep It 100 Salts is available in a 30mL bottle and can be explored in salt nicotine strengths, including 30mg and 50mg.

Keep it 100 has always delivered amazing flavor and they did not disappoint whatsoever with their new salt nicotine line. On top of how amazing the flavor is,  they made the bottle needlepoint, for easy fill into the tiny holes of salt nic systems.  Keep It 100 prides itself on making vape juices that will become your next all-day vape. With each and every one of their vape juices, you will find high-quality ingredients that provide you with the best possible vaping experience!

If you are wanting an incredible concoction of flavors to experience, this pairing of Mint and Tobacco is just what you'll want. Mint Bacco is an awesome flavor that we just know you'll love, as it delivers such a satisfying taste. This is a vape you'll definitely want to explore.

Flavor Profile: Mint, Tobacco

Bottle Size: 30ml

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)