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Strawberry Crispy Treats by Ethos Vapors 60ml

Product Description

Strawberry Crispy Treats by Ethos Vapors 60ml

Ethos Crispy Treats Strawberry Review

Treat your taste buds to a perfectly sweet and creamy sensation with each puff of Strawberry Crispy Treats by Ethos Vapors.  Known for their timeless rice crispy flavor profile Ethos has added a decadant strawberry twist that truly provides a well rounded vaping experience. Every time you inhale and exhale you'll think you've got a mouthful of strawberry flavored marshmallow rice crispy treats. Ethos Strawberry Crispy Treats is perfect for dessert lovers that are looking for a sweet yet subtle flavor that is perfectly complimented with a dash of ripe strawberries. 

With each inhale of Ethos Vapors Strawberry Crispy Treats your taste buds will be delighted with a intoxicating wave of strawberries blended with marshmallow. It will provide a nice twist to your average rice crispy flavor profile with a subtle tarty and sweet tone just like ripe strawberries. During exhale is where the iconic Ethos rice crispy flavor emerges and rewards you will a perfectly balanced flavor that can be enjoyed all day.

Ethos Strawberry Crispy Treats will come packaged nicely in a 60ml Unicorn Bottles and will be available in the nicotine levels 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG. Ethos Vapors is a leading e-liquid and lifestyle brand founded in 2014 and have since created its own path by focusing on uniqueness and innovation.

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Marshmallow

Bottle Size: 60ml

Made in USA

VG/PG: 75/25