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Raggae by Black Note E-Liquid 30ml

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Raggae by Black Note E-Liquid 30ml

Black Note Reggae Vape Juice Review

Raggae by Black Note 30ml is a Virginia tobacco and menthol blend. This Virginia tobacco flavor is sure to please with its naturally sweet flavor. This menthol based used by Black Note 30ml is extracted from peppermint leaves giving it the most authentic minty taste. This blend takes a genuine tobacco taste and fuses it with an icy rush of menthol to provide a refreshing exhale. All those tobacco and menthol lovers are sure to be please with Raggae by Black Note 30ml. 

Virginia tobacco, also known as Brightleaf tobacco, gets its name from its brighter color during the curing process. Virginia tobacco is flue-cured meaning that during the drying process Virginia tobacco is truly complemented by the heating process of flue curing. This process produces a more intense flavor experience. This intense sweet flavor will smother your taste buds with delight. This leaf is also known to have an aroma that includes prunes, fig, and sometimes even a hint of chocolate. So now not only will your mouth be delighted with this authentic flavor your nose will be pleased with each puff. Now, we cannot forget about the added menthol base to this e-juice. Fusing menthol with this savory flavor provides a unique experience. 

On the inhale is that original sweet tobacco taste. This tobacco flavor will dance across your taste buds delighting them with its authentic flavor. The exhale is what truly makes this e-juice one of a kind. This icy ending provides you with a truly refreshing experience. Anyone looking to ditch those menthol cigarettes is sure to be in for a treat with Raggae by Black Note 30ml. Black Note 30ml comes in a 30ml glass bottle and is available in 3 nicotine level. These nicotine levels include 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

All those tobacco lovers out there are going to rejoice with this e-juice. You can now quit those cigarettes and still get that original tobacco taste. Raggae by Black Note 30ml is even more perfect for those menthol lovers! Indulge in Raggae today!

Flavor Profile: Menthol, Tobacco

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50