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Prelude by Black Note E-Liquid 30ml

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Prelude by Black Note E-Liquid 30ml

Black Note Prelude Review

Prelude by Black Note 30ml is a savory blend of a Virginia tobacco flavor. Black Note E Liquid gets their tobacco leafs from the sandy plains that surround the Italian Alps. These Virginia tobacco leafs are flue cured meaning in the drying process of harvesting. Flue cured means they use externally fed fire boxes to heat the tobacco without exposing it to smoke, and doing this provides them with the ability of slowing raising the heat over the course of the curing. This method takes about a week to do and produces tobacco that is higher in sugar and moderate to high levels of nicotine. 

The definition of Virginia Tobacco is defined as a tobacco that is grown in North America or east of the Appalachian mountains and is shipped to Virginia ports. Virginia tobacco is also usually flue cured. People who prefer to indulge in Virginia tobacco are usually drawn to its light and natural sweet taste. This tobacco is referred to as "bright tobacco" due to its yellow/orange color during the curing process. Virginia tobacco has a wider range of nicotine levels that go from 1% to 3.5%. Virginia tobacco also has higher sugar levels that can range from 5% to 25%. 

Anyone who is seeking an authentic tobacco taste is going to fall in love with Black Note E-Liquid. Black Note specializes in tobacco based flavors and provides a variety of option between the type of tobacco used. This Virginia blend is truly authentic and is sure to please anyone who loves a naturally sweet tobacco. Prelude by Black Note 30ml is a perfect e-juice for anyone who is seeking to ditch cigarettes for another option, like vaping. Black Note 30ml strives for a "smoke free world" and attempts to reach this goal by providing the highest quality tobacco e-juice on the market. 

Virginia tobacco, also known as bright leaf, is truly complemented by the heat process of flue curing. This process enables a more intense flavor experience. This leaf is also known to have an aroma that includes prunes, fig, and sometimes even a hint of chocolate. You'd think the history of this plant would consist of it being "discovered" in Virginia, right? Well, not quite this tobacco leaf originally came from North Carolina when a batch of growing tobacco was exposed to too much heat. This resulted in the leafs taking on a brighter color during the original curing process. Due to its desirable characteristics a method was formed to be able to consistently cure this tobacco leaf.

Black Note Prelude tobacco flavored e-juice is sure to please all those tobacco lovers with its truly authentic flavor. Indulge in Black Note Prelude today.

Flavor Profile: Virginia Tobacco

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50