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Pop by Black Note 30ml

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Pop by Black Note 30ml

Black Note Pop Vape Juice Review

Pop by Black Note 30ml is an English blend tobacco taste that has a relaxing flavor. A common English blend involves 3 types of tobacco which include Latakia, Virginia, and Perique. Virginia tobacco is one of the more mild tobaccos that are used for blends, it has one of the highest natural sugar content making it sweet in taste. Perique tobacco is dark tobacco that is known for its spicy flavor. Latakia tobacco gives a smokey aroma and has a very overpowering taste. Think of Perique and Latakia tobacco like adding salt and pepper to Virginia tobacco. These leaves are added more for a taste and aroma experience. This blend is savory and rich with every puff. 

A technical English blend is any tobacco blend that contains oriental tobaccos. Oriental tobacco is a generalized group of tobaccos that are known for their unique tastes. These unique tastes add savory flavors giving these tobaccos a special taste. With the English blend, the taste has a spicy and almost wood fire taste to add to the original tobacco flavor. This blend is truly savory and authentic to the real thing. 

Perique is made excessively from Louisiana and started as air-cured tobacco. To make tobacco Perique it is sent through a unique process that can take 12-18 months. This process involves an air-cured leaf packed into oak whiskey barrels and then placed under pressure. This pressure causes a changed called anaerobic fermentation. At least three times during this process the tobacco is required to be unpacked and have the leafs separated then aired out. This process causes a more intense flavor experience from the leaves. The end result of this process is a perique tobacco with a spicy fig taste.

Pop by Black Note E-Liquid 30ml is sure to please all those tobacco lovers that indulge in English blends. This e-juice is also perfect for any tobacco lovers looking for a new and intense flavor. Indulge in Black Note Pop today.

Flavor Profile: English Blend Tobacco

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50