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Ninja Man eJuice by Sengoku Vapor 100ml

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Ninja Man E-Juice 100ml by Sengoku Vapor

Sengoku Vapor Ninja Man E-Juice Review

Sengoku Vapor Ninja Man is the perfect sweet treat on the go with its delicious vape juice flavor that you will love. From just the first inhale you will be in love and want to savor every drop of this vape juice. You will be sure to love every second of vaping this vape juice from the first hit to the last.

As you inhale Sengoku Vapor Ninja Man you taste the rich chocolate that will drive you crazy for more. On the exhale you taste the cold creamy milk that will smoother your taste buds making them go wild from the flavor. This vape juice will be sure to be your next favorite with its delicious flavor. You will never be able to put down Sengoku Vapor Ninja Man because of the taste and the flavor, you will be sure to love everything about this vape juice.

Sengoku Vapor Ninja Man will be sure to be the chocolate milk flavor to end all chocolate flavors. The delicious taste of this vape juice will be sure to have you coming back for more and more. You can be certain that this vape juice is amazing because Sengoku Vapor has made sure that all of their vape juices will blow your mind. This vape juice will be sure to shock you with its one of a kind flavor that you will be sure to love.

If you are looking for a true chocolate milk flavor then look no further than Sengoku Vapor Ninja Man. Sengoku Vapor Ninja Man is the perfect vape juice to kick your sweet tooth cravings no matter the time or place. This vape juice is perfect to go treat that you will be sure to love. You can taste the pure dedication Sengoku Vapor puts into their vape juice with every inhale and exhale you take from this vape juice.

Flavor Profile: Chocolate, Milk

Bottle size : 100ml

VG/PG: 75/25