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Mist by Aqua Salts 30ml

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Mist by Aqua Salts 30ml

Aqua Salts Mist Flavor Review

Mist by Aqua 30ml is now available for your pod systems! This refreshing vape juice is ready for you to get your hands on it and start vaping. The delightful taste of fresh green apple vape juice, juicy peaches, and sweet kiwis will make your mouth water like no other, leaving you craving more and more! 

As you inhale this succulent juice, the taste of freshly picked green apples overwhelm your senses. Then, fusing with the tart taste of green apples, is the delicious taste of sweet, juicy peaches creating a flavor duo that is like no other. As you exhale, the taste of honeyed kiwis run across your taste buds leaving them feeling refreshed and ready for your next puff time and time again. 

Aqua Salts is created by Marina Vape and they are dedicated to bringing their loyal customers a jaw dropping, flavor packed vape juice that is made with only high quality ingredients. This vape juice is made with the customers in mind, and this is why Marina has so many loyal customers, and once you try their vape juice, you'll become one as well. Aqua Salts is a vape juice that is like a sucker punch of flavor to your taste buds and they will constantly be ready for you next puff. These salt nicotine's are not meant for sub-ohm devices. 

Mist by Aqua Salts is a vape juice that will have your mind reeling and your tastes buds in a frenzy. This vape juice will become your favorite in rotation with the succulent taste of green apples, peaches, and kiwis. Save on Mist by Aqua today!

Flavor Profile: Green Apple, Peach, Kiwi

Bottle Size: 30ml