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Jazz by Black Note 30ml

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Jazz by Black Note E-Liquid 30ml

Black Note Jazz Vape Juice Review

Jazz by Black Note E Liquid 30ml is an American blend tobacco which Incorporates 3 different strands of tobacco. Virginia tobacco, burley tobacco and Oriental tobacco. Jazz by Black Note 30ml has a unique flair from being fermented in wine barrels. By fermenting in wine barrels it adds a fruity tone. This e-juice contains its natural sweetness from this original blend giving you the best tobacco flavor experience. 

Virginia tobacco is known as bright tobacco and contains a more moderate level of nicotine compared to burley and oriental. Oriental tobacco is known as Turkish tobacco and has a lower than average nicotine content. Each of these strands is cured differently. Virginia is flue-cured, burley is air cured, and oriental is sun cured. Flue-cured is the process of curing which includes using heat to turn the green leaves to a golden brown color. Air curing involves leaving the tobacco leaf up to hang in a ventilated barn for a process of 4-8 weeks. Sun-cured tobacco is similar to air curing but instead of hanging up the leaf in a barn, sun curing involves the tobacco drying uncovered in the sun. The American blend adds the oriental tobacco leaf because of its flavor which adds to this delectable blend.

Black Note Jazz is American blend tobacco is preferred due to its simplicity and classic blend with a good flavor as well. This American blend is perfectly recreated by Black Note 30ml. Black Note does an outstanding job with the creation of this e-juice and it is sure to please with each puff. This brand is perfect for anyone looking to ditch cigarettes and move forward to an alternative way of getting that original tobacco taste. 

Jazz by Black Note E-Liquid is a delectable American blend tobacco flavored e-juice that is sure to please. With each puff, your mouth will be flooded with this intense and savory flavors. Indulge in Jazz by Black Note today! 

Flavor Profile: American Blend Tobacco

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50