Blue Razz by Pop Clouds 120ml

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Blue Razz Candy by Pop Clouds E-liquid 120ml

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Blue Razz Candy by Pop Clouds E-liquid 120ml

Pop Clouds Blue Razz Ejuice Review

Blue Razz Candy by Pop Clouds E-liquid 120ml is a sweet and sour blue raspberry candy. This flavor is designed to excite your taste buds with a delicious sweet flavor of fizzling candy! Pop Clouds designed this flavor to be ultra-smooth and full of flavor so you can satisfy your sweet tooth any time of the day.

If you crave sweets and sour taffy candies that you had when you were a kid, Blue Razz e-liquid by Pop Clouds is the vape juice for you. The experts at Pop Clouds has nailed this nostalgic flavor of blue raspberry candy. As soon as you take your first inhale of Pop Clouds Blue Razz ejuice, juicy and sugary berry flavors will bring joy to your tongue. While you exhale the familiar flavors of blue raspberry candy will be presented just in time to tickle your taste buds. Blue Razz vape juice by Pop Clouds E-Liquid comes packaged in two 60ml unicorn bottles equaling 120ml and is available in three nicotine levels for you to be able to select from. Its 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG base allows you to produce large, thick fluffy vape clouds a nice throat hit.

Pop Clouds is a premium vape juice brand based in Southern California. It has become one of the industry’s most popular brands due to its wide range of flavor offerings. The collection consists of premium vape juice that utilizes various sweet and candy flavors, which are then paired with the perfect addition of fruit. With a variety of unique flavors to choose from, we’re certain that Pop Clouds could become one of your favorites. With a range of flavors to choose from, quality ingredients, and the most satisfaction nicotine, Pop Clouds should be your one-stop-shop for premium vape juice.

Every inhale of Pop Clouds Blue Razz will instantly satisfy your taste buds and you’ll surely be in vaping heaven with each puff.

Flavor Profile: Blue Raspberry, Candy

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 70/30