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Rocket Pop by The Hype 100ml

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Rocket Pop by The Hype 100ml

The Hype Ejuice Rocket Pop Review

Rocket Pop The Hype 100ml E-juice is another summer treat that you'll enjoy! It'll give you that sweet rush you're looking for on your hot summer days. On the inhale you'll get the savory sweetness of the fruity candy  Popsicle and on the exhale you get a light cooling effect that'll tie all the flavors together in a delicious harmony.

On the inhale, Rocket Pop The Hype, your taste buds will experience a fruity popsicle candy that will enlighten your taste buds. On the exhale, sweet and authentic fruity flavor vape juice balances out that tartness.

The exceptional taste of Rocket Pop The Hype captures each note of blue raspberry candy. Give Rocket Pop The Hype a try for a blast from the past when you where a kid.

Bottle Size: 100ml Chubby Gorilla 

Flavor Profile: Fruity, Blue Raspberry, Popsicle, Candy


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