7 Daze Slapple Menthol Salt 30ml

7 Daze Salt Series

Slapple Menthol Salt by 7 Daze Reds x Keep It 100 30ml

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Slapple Menthol Salt by 7 Daze Reds x Keep It 100 30ml

7 Daze x Keep It 100 Slapple Menthol Salt Vape Juice Review

Producing freezing temperatures and a delicious taste, Slapple Menthol Salt by 7 Daze Reds x Keep It 100 is just what you need if you're looking for a thrilling vape. This incredible blend of apple juice, blue raspberry slushy, and menthol were made possible due to a collaboration between 7 Daze and Keep It 100.

What is Slapple Menthol Salt vape juice? Slapple Menthol Salt by 7 Daze Reds x Keep It 100 is a premium vape juice blend that uses salt nicotine and the most extraordinary flavors. It is a limited edition blend that was made using 7 Daze's signature Reds Apple flavor and Keep It 100's signature OG Blue Slushie flavor. They are two of the industry's most popular flavors and they've been combined together to create an outstanding taste that you'll want to revisit over and over. Slapple Menthol Salt is available in a 30ml bottle and comes in two salt nicotine strengths, including 30mg and 50mg.

7 Daze Salt Series is a vape juice collection within the 7 Daze brand. It is comprised of delicious salt nicotine vape juice and is available in a wide range of flavors. The brand is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and was founded in 2013. Since its launch, 7 Daze has become an industry-leading brand and continues to make a huge impact with its incredible selection of vapor products.

Keep It 100 Salts is an extraordinary collection of salt nicotine vape juice within the Keep It 100 brand. The brand has been creating premium vape juice with the most impressive flavors and it continues to be one of the best-sellers. Keep It 100 is headquartered in Lakewood, New Jersey, and was founded in 2014, instantly becoming one of the largest names in vaping because of its supreme arsenal of products.

If you are looking for an exciting vape that is both unique and familiar at the same time, this vape juice is what you'll want to experience. Slapple Menthol Salt by 7 Daze Reds x Keep It 100 is an impressive flavor that combines signature flavors from 7 Daze and Keep It 100, and the result is absolutely astonishing!

Flavor Profile: Apple Juice, Blue Raspberry Slushy, Menthol

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50