7 Daze Reds Slapple Iced 100ml


Slapple Iced by 7 Daze Reds x Keep It 100 100ml

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Slapple Iced by 7 Daze Reds x Keep It 100 100ml

7 Daze x Keep It 100 Slapple Iced Vape Juice Review

Pushing the envelope even further, both 7 Daze Reds and Keep It 100 have collaborated with one another to create another epic vape juice blend to add to their roster of winners. Slapple Iced by 7 Daze Reds x Keep It 100 is a brilliantly concocted blend that you never saw coming. However, we must warn you, it's delicious and you may never want to go without it.

What is Slapple Iced vape juice? Slapple Iced by 7 Daze Reds x Keep It 100 is a fascinating flavor profile that anyone would appreciate. This limited-edition vape juice is a perfectly balanced mix of two of the industry's best-selling flavors. It features 7 Daze's signature Reds Apple flavor and Keep It 100's OG Blue Slushie flavor, which produces a remarkable result. You'll experience the most pleasing taste of a classic blue raspberry slushie, the satisfyingly sweet taste of Reds Apple flavor, and an additional ice-cold finisher to leave your tastes refreshed. Slapple Ice is filled in a 100mL bottle and is available in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

7 Daze is a leading brand that manufactures premium vape juice. The brand was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It shot up to an industry-leading position by creating the most fascinating flavors and using the finest ingredients, resulting in some of the best-selling vape juice on the market. It continues to thrive today by constantly creating innovative products, including vape juice and disposable vapes.

Keep It 100 is an iconic vape brand that is manufactured by Liquid Labs MFG, a manufacturing brand that has developed a range of notable lines of vape juice. Keep It 100 instantly gained popularity for developing unmatched flavors and presenting some of the best quality. The brand and its parent were founded in 2014 and are based in Lakewood, New Jersey. It continues to create industry-leading vape products, which include vape juice and disposable vapes.

If you've been hunting for a new flavor to try, you'll be glad to know that we've found one that will absolutely blow you away. It is an epic blend that combines a red apple juice flavor with a blue raspberry slushy flavor, creating an all-day vape that we think anyone would call a favorite.

Flavor Profile: Apple Juice, Blue Raspberry Slushy, Ice

Bottle Size: 100ML

VG/PG: 70/30